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Have a great Social Media Strategy is something that many business owners know is extremely important but do not take the time or put in the energy to make happen.

Have a specific Social Media strategy is extremely important to build credibility and brand awareness with your audience.

In this article, we will walk you through 5 Steps to creating the best social media strategy and marketing plan for your business.

How To Create a Social Media Strategy

Step 1: Identify and Set your specific Social Media Goals

Think about what the overall goals are of your social media network. Are your goals any of the following:

  • Grow your brand
  • Attract New Customers
  • Convert Visitors to Customers
  • Increase Leads or Sales
  • Gain Customer Awareness
  • Get email address for retargeting

Start developing the framework of your social media marketing plan to help you focus on what your content should be about.

Step 2: Study your Audience

This sounds super simple, but knowing your audience is key to your social media strategy. First, think of your competition. Find your competitors on Social Media and see who is following them. Look at the interest and demographics of those who are engaging with your competitions Social Media Channels.

Make sure to use tools like Google free Keyword Research tool to help identify the location and demographics of your audience.

Step 3: Social Media Audit

A social media audit will help you identify what is and isn’t working when it comes to engaging with your target audience.

Start by looking at your competitions Social Media channels to see what they are sharing and what content gets the most likes, shares, comments and overall engagement.

Ask yourself, what’s working? Is it video content, images, great written content or use of hashtags?

Gather information and see what posts get the most engagement in your niche and plan out a content schedule.

Here is a good schedule to plan for social media sharing frequency:

  • Facebook: 1 Post/day
  • LinkedIn: 1 Post/day
  • Instagram: 3 Post/Day
  • Twitter: 3 Posts/day
  • YouTube: 1 Video/Week
  • IGTV: 1 Video Post/Week

You can increase or decrease your social media content sharing as you go to see what is working.

Step 4: Create and Optimize your Social Media Channels

Once you have decided who your audience is, what content you will post and how frequent you will post on social media. It is now time to create and optimize your social media channels for your business.

Make sure you fill out your social media profile correctly and all fields are completed.

You can also use keywords and hashtags in your profile description which will help users find your social media profile.

Make sure to keep your profile brief and do not write a long paragraph in the about me. Keep is simple and only point out the highlights of your business.

When this is all set up now its time to schedule and share your content. You can use tools like or to create and schedule your content.

These online tools also have curated content that you can use to help create content. Once you have mapped out your social media content and created your Social Channels, its time to engage with your audience.

Make sure to put out good content that leads with value and do not sell! If you continuously promote your product or service this will turn your audience off. Make sure your content encourages your audience to want to read and see more.


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